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I work in private markets technology at Chronograph, the world’s leading provider of portfolio monitoring solutions for private equity. I also enjoy blogging on the side. 

Finance background

Before joining Chronograph, I came from a finance background. I studied at Wharton and previously worked in investment banking at Lazard and as an investor at The Carlyle Group. I continue to be involved with private markets at Chronograph.

At Chronograph

Today, I work at Chronograph and get to contribute to our next generation technology that help institutional Limited Partners and General Partner investors realize unparalleled operational efficiencies and data transparency.


During college, I studied Russian and developed a passion for Russian language and culture. I blog about this on websites like Russian Film Hub, Russian Enthusiast, and RUS & SOV (see below). I am also a Fellow at the Stanford U.S.-Russia Forum.

Featured websites

Please explore some of my websites below
Russian Film Hub - Watch Russian movies online

Russian Film Hub

Russian & Soviet cinema
Russian Enthusiast - Learn Russian online

Russian Enthusiast

Russian language learning
RUS & SOV - online shopping for Russian-themed prints


Russian & Soviet art
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